RAI Finance
Propose a Marketing Campaign
Make a proposal to have a marketing campaign
1. Connect your wallet
2. From Governance tab, select the proposal type that you would like to make a proposal.
3. To make a proposal regarding the marketing campaign, select the "Marketing Campaign".
4. Click On Save Button.
5. Write down the details on the Title and Content field for your proposal. Detailed content will convince the voters to make a positive reaction, so please make an effort when you create it.
6. Check the balance of SOFI that you are holding and the minimum SOFI needed to make a proposal. You need to hold a certain amount of SOFI and the required amount of SOFI may be subject to change according to future governance operations.
7. Approve your SOFI and wait for the transaction
8. Confirm the details again and click on "Create a governance action". You will see the following pop-up. Confirm your proposal to proceed. Please make sure after confirming your proposal, you cannot undo your action.
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